Universally Juvenile

Universally Juvenile

“Line up crowds at the Pavilion,
Max is playing ‘Vacations’….
research at beach resorts!!”

Played a gig in cottage country this Holiday weekend and got to see an old friend, who took me for a ride in a time machine. Traveled waaay back to the era of monster jeeps, cruising the drag at Wasaga Beach, towels flapping from our roll bar. Max Webster cranking out of the stereo (cassette of course), Canadian flag cozies for our beer cans, even obnoxiously coloured hats with giant feathers. Honking at the girls in Harley Davidson t-shirts…… well, well! Actually fellow time-travellers; Yummy Mummies with incredibly embarrassed daughters in tow, furiously texting other teens about our ancient juvenile display. That’s right, kids…. Juvenile and PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!
“Hey, howz life on Lakeshore Road?
Big Revolutions in my black book
Written down in our teens…”


10 Responses to “Universally Juvenile”

  1. Ahh, Max Webster are a band, not a person.

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  2. I hope you played Research (At Beach Resorts)!

    GREAT photo there…hilarious. Kim was a little…skinnier in the original!


  3. Happy Canada Day, Earl – a little late…cheers!


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