Copyright law needs a digital-age upgrade

Digital Divide

Digital Divide


Pamela Samuelson in the San Francisco Chronicle analyzes how important a total rethink of this issue is to everyone who downloads any type of media on their computers– it’s not just artists & musicians getting the shaft anymore ….

“We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are – that is the fact.” ~ Sartre

“I’d love to sell out completely. It’s just that nobody has been willing to buy.”
John Waters

“My mind is filling up with many voices it seems there’s a little more room @ but all of  these voices keep me from deciding, I can’t help from changing my tune @ I can remember when I had a conscience, it’s voice was dependent and pure @ but now I think that I might be indecisive but then again I’m really not sure…….I REALLY REALLY GOTTA DECIDE…..”

Jaymz Bee & the Look People


One Response to “Copyright law needs a digital-age upgrade”

  1. Their only concern is Asian Video Pirates, the CRTC & FCC don’t give a shit about creative artists


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